• 100% cotton 240 GSM All weather Hoodie
  • DTF Printed
  • Biowashed & PreShrunk
  • Oversize Drop-Shoulder
  • Colors may vary due to photography and your screen setting

S, M, L, XL

1 review for Monster Trio (Oversize All-Weather Hoodie)

  1. Ishaan. (verified owner)

    Presenting Adawwrably’s
    “Monster Trio (Oversize All-Weather
    Hoodie)”, a 240 gsm 100% cotton
    hoodie for literally any time of the
    year. The front of the hoodie bears
    the crest of One Piece’s Gear 5
    Monkey D Luffy. The back features
    the monster trip consisting of
    Monkey D Luffy (Gear 5), Roronoa
    Zoro And Vinsmoke Sanji. The sides
    feature the iconic attack mediums of
    the wings of monkey d luffy, Zoro And
    Sanji. The Left Sleeve Bears Sanji’s
    Flame Kick Attack Called “Diable
    Jambe” and the Right Sleeve Bears A
    Print of Zoro’s 3 swords, Enma,
    Wado Ichimonji And Sandai Kitetsu.
    The quality of the print is dtf and
    overall amazing.
    Overall Review- Adawwrably is
    goated and is widely slept on. India’s
    Most Underrated Anime Merch Ong

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Monster Trio (Oversize All-Weather Hoodie)
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